My Fav Business Tools to Stay Organized

I am one of the messiest people EVER! I don’t know how my husband puts up with me. In my mind, I always know where everything is, but to anyone else I’m just a hot mess! LOL

I may be messy when it comes to my surroundings, but in business and online I try my best to me organized as can be!

I suppose I don’t mind when my surroundings are a bit chaotic, I’ve even read that it helps with creativity! But as far as my computer, my to do list, and my business are concerned, I NEED it all in order!

So, how do I stay sane running my business?

Well, first of all, I only work about 1-2 hours a day, and it’s mostly maintenance at this point. My business runs 100% on automation, which allows me to focus on the things that really bring me joy! Like, taking my dogs to the park, camping with my husband, hanging out with my sister and her new baby, watching any and all episodes of Real Housewives – all of the franchises!

  • For my daily tasks I am a tried and true notebook girl! I found these cute notebooks at the dollar store about a year ago, and after I started using one for my daily tasks I became OBSESSED! So, the next time I went to the dollar store I bought like 20 of them, no joke! I didn’t want to run out! I’m obsessed with the crappy paper, the smallness of the notebook, the flimsiness, lol this sounds strange but they are my fav! I can use them for daily tasks, notes, random lists, whatever, and throw it in my purse, get it dirty, tear it up and it’s not a big deal because it was $1! You can buy them here, or at your local dollar store! Basically, I bought every single color/pattern/design they had as long as it was 5×7. I find this is the best size for my daily life.

I’ve had so many notebooks in my day. Like, maybe a million. I always bought nice notebooks and planners but then was too afraid to write in them because I wanted them to stay nice. Now, me and my $1 notebook get so much more done!

Now, onto the techy stuff!
  • I am obsessed with TickTick! It’s a killer task manager for iPhone, Android, and it even has a Web version! The web version aspect is so crucial to me! I don’t want to have to open an app when I want to see my to do list.

I used Wunderlist for years and years, but TickTick is like Wunderlist but 1000x better!

It has a super simple user interface, sleek design, reminders, calendar, and options for lots of lists. If I think of a quick task, I throw it in my inbox and can schedule it for a day later!

  • For general notes I use my iPhone’s native notes app. It’s super simple, I can keep all my my quick notes in there!

If I’m laying in bed and Laith is asleep and I’ve had a brilliant idea (which happens often!) I can grab my phone and type it up real quick!

  • For business organization I love Google!

I use Google Docs, Google Sheets. This is a great way to stay organized!

I can outline blog posts in Docs and it saves so much time!


What do you use to stay organized? I’d love to hear!

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