Stay Productive While Working from Home

I like to keep things as simple as possible in life AND in business! I want to share with you today how I stay productive while working from home, which, believe me, was VERY hard for me to do once I finally quit my job! It was like I went into a huge slump and my productivity plummeted big time! All I wanted to do was lounge around in my PJs watching TV and eating flaming hot cheetos. It was actually rather sad and it started to worry me immensely, especially after about 5 months of this sort of extended vacation!

But now, I’ve really changed and I’m here to show you how I stay productive on a daily basis!

{This post is a work in progress, but feel free to read what I have so far!}

1.) Stick to a routine

This is SO IMPORTANT. I literally can’t stress this enough. If I had no plans for the day, just things I wish I would do, I would literally do NOTHING! My day MUST begin with purpose or I won’t get a damn thing done! I have my routine written down, every single detail (yes, I even wrote down PEE and brush teeth!), which may sound crazy, but it worked for me! I would write down the times for each activity as well, like by 7:30am I must have my gym shows on and go for a walk. By 9am I must be sitting at the computer working. Things like that.

2.) Stay hydrated and eat healthy snacks
3.) Set deadlines
4.) Make a to do list (duh!)
5.) Time the tasks

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