The Best Budgeting System

This might not be the best system for you, but it’s the absolute best system for me and my two-person family!

I used to budget the old fashion way, writing down a list of all my bills, tallying them up, and then seeing if I had enough money to pay them (I rarely did).

I would also write down all of the bills and when they were due in my daily planner. I’d also include me and my husband’s paychecks. Then I would do manual math, adding up all of the bills. So fun! I love to math! haha NOT.

I just KNEW there had to be something out there that put everything on a calendar and did the math for me. I wanted a calendar that was also a calculator!

I wanted to be able to see my whole month and be able to plan when we were going to pay what or be able to see when we could go to dinner. I wanted to know how much money I’d be able to save within the next 6 months.

I searched and searched for apps that did what I’ve described, but none of them matched what I was looking for. I knew my idea was simple enough and it had to be out there… so I kept searching! It took awhile, but when I stumbled on the glorious I was THRILLED!

Calendar Budget does all of the calculations for me. All I have to do is input all of my bills and paychecks on their due/pay date, set them to repeat and that’s it! I can now see how much money I will have on any given day.

Calendar Budget is my most favorite thing to use to manage my budget and stay sane with my bills and money! I check it every single morning.

So, the way I use the system is very different than how it was intended to be used. I’ve spoken personally with the owner (who is amazing by the way!) and he said he’s never seen anyone use the system like I do. It makes sense to me though!

So every day, I update my green bank slot with the amount of money currently in my bank account. I then delete the items that have already been taken out of my account. This way, I get an updated calendar with the real-time dollars that I have available for paying all the things.

Have a look at my screenshots below:

As you can see, you can color code certain items and create categories. I have purple and blue for my husband's bills and expenses, and pink for mine. The light gray
are the bills that come out of my account automatically. Red means MUST pay on this date OR ELSE lol. Green is for paychecks. You get the picture 😉

I hope you enjoyed seeing how I budget me and my husband's bills and expenses! This is my most fav way to ensure we have enough money to live life to the fullest!

What do you use to keep track of your bills, spending, and budget? I'd love to know!

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